A crowdfunding campaign for Her{connect}Her,
an award-winning program for displaced young women

Hope guides young refugee and migrant women, both in their home countries and as they travel toward futures in unknown locations.

Through storytelling and with technology, the Her{connect}Her program assists young women in recognizing and amplifying their hope and building impactful connections between experiences, peers, and places.

Fully funded by the generosity of private donations, the program was delivered in Sweden, France, Greece, and the U.K. throughout 2016 and 2017, positively impacting the lives of dozens of young women and countless others who have viewed their stories online. 

Help us grow the program in Greece and bring the program to the U.S. in 2018.

We have learned on the ground that due to the unique needs of displaced young women and their high risk of experiencing violence and isolation en route to and in new countries, there is great urgency for gender-specific programming

Your campaign donations will support us as we provide a year-long program with local partners in refugee camps in Greece.

There, more young women will engage in programming, some of which will receive evidence-based trainings to become leaders of the Her{connect}Her program, gaining employment and skills in leadership, technology, community-building, storytelling, and advocacy. 

In addition, an educational series will be offered for young refugee and migrant women in the U.S., using storytelling to cultivate connection and belonging among those who have experienced similar traumas.

Research shows that aid is improved when focused on the experiences and voices of refugees and migrants, and storytelling is critical to the refugee and migrant experience, from applying for legal status to healing from trauma.

Learn more about the journeys of our resilient program participants through our "Her Routes and Roots" series. 

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