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Her{connect}Her – as borders close Footage Foundation is breaking down isolation through building an open platform, for voices. 

Using the science of storytelling, connection, and economic empowerment, Her{connect}Her raises the voices of refugee and migrant girls and women as it elevates their lives.

Why support this project, Her{connect}Her?

Since the refugee crisis exploded, Footage has been working with refugees and migrants – researching their experience. Footage helps these women and girls navigate traumatic periods of change by gaining insight into their present, helping them define their place and working with them on how to map their future.

Our target is to connect 30 girls and women across 3 countries.  These new connected communities break down the walls of isolation, facilitating and creating a safe space for each girl/woman to:

  • become agents of change – find their voice to inform the public, NGO’s and policy makers to further support others into creating inspiring communities
  • become enabled by skill sharing in communication, technology and advocacy – creating self determination and promoting economically empowered futures.  

The International Rescue Committee identifies listening to displaced girls and women as the number one priority when providing them aid. This is where Footage Foundation steps in.

How Her{connect}Her Works:

The science of storytelling, connection and economic empowerment delivered through Her{connect}Her cultivates belonging, inclusion, and resilience in the lives of displaced girls and women, while fostering compassion and empathy among the global community.

The Platform and Program:

Online: A digital site that builds a connecting platform (network) which offers a safe space for global understanding and compassion.

Offline: A transformative, evidence-based program through which girls and women communicate their experiences with the goal to better understand their strengths, needs, hopes, and perspectives – together.

The Impact:

  • Girls and women receive a stipend – gaining pertinent skills in communication, technology, advocacy, and creativity which economically empowers their futures.
  • By sharing their experiences and assessing their needs, girls and women foster agency and self-determination, elevating their roles as leaders in their lives and communities.
  • What they share provides the public, NGOs, and policy makers insights for effective responses to refugee crises and immigration issues.

Where your money goes:

– Bringing our curriculum to up to 30 girls and women across USA, Greece, and France

– Developing our digital platform – connecting refugee and migrant girls/women globally

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Creative Direction and film by Kristina Langhein. Music by Capital Jay. © 2017 Footage Foundation.

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